Why You Should Choose a Mobile Phone Repair Service at Home

Autor: Jorge Abo

2 Oct, 2022

Phone Repair

Do you have a broken mobile phone that needs to be repaired? If so, you’ll probably want to fix it ASAP. But instead of taking it to a repair shop, you might prefer to fix it yourself at home. Yes, there are many YouTube videos on how to fix mobile phones, but if the problem is quite complicated or the phone is new and has some functions that are still blocked, it may not be the best idea to try to repair your own phone. . However, fixing your own mobile phone does not mean that you will not be able to use it at all. There are many minor repairs that can be easily done at home with just a few simple tools and a bit of technical knowledge. Here are a few reasons why you should choose an at-home mobile phone repair service over trying to do it yourself:


Phone Reapair

You’re not very good with repair jobs.

If you’re not very confident with your mechanical skills, it might be a very bad idea to try to fix your own broken phone. If you are not very familiar with the different internal parts of a phone and how they interact with each other, you may accidentally cause more damage to the phone while trying to repair it. It could also take you much longer than if it was done by a professional because you have to work very slowly and carefully. If a part is broken and you don’t have a replacement, you can’t just leave it out and hope for the best. There is a risk that the rest of the phone will malfunction.

You don’t have the right tools or parts.

Even if you know how to fix your broken phone, you’ll still need the right tools and parts to get it done. For example, if your phone’s screen is cracked or broken, you’ll need to replace it entirely. You may be able to repair it if you have the right tools and parts, but if you don’t, you may not be able to find a replacement part. If your phone is too new to repair at home, there are probably no parts available to repair it. On the other hand, if you take it to a repair shop like ours or call us to come home and do that repair on your doorstep, they may be able to order the part for you. But if you try to do it yourself, you won’t have that option.

Your phone is too new to repair at home.

Not all mobile phones are designed to be repaired at home. Newer phones tend to use very delicate circuitry, and you may not be able to open the phone without destroying some of the electronics inside. There is also a risk that you may destroy the warranty sticker inside the phone, making it impossible for the manufacturer to provide you with repairs or replacements in the future.

It’s a really complicated repair job.

If your phone is broken and it is a very involved repair job, then it might be best to take it to a repair shop and let a professional do it. For example, if your phone has liquid damage, you should definitely take it to a repair shop because they don’t have the proper equipment to test it properly.

The screen is broken, but the rest is still fine.

If your phone is completely broken but the screen is fine, then you can fix the screen at home. You can try to find a replacement screen online and fit it yourself, or you can take the phone to a repair shop and have them replace the screen for you.

Phone Repair


If you have a broken mobile phone that needs repair, you have a couple of options. You can try to do the repair work yourself at home or you can take it to our repair shop. It really just depends on the type of repair needed. Mobile phone repair is something you’ll likely encounter at some point in your life, so it’s good to know your options. And at 123cellphonesolutions we have all the options you need, just contact us and we will be at your disposal today.


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